Right now life feels so move-able . . . always sliding, changing, shifting, transitioning. I oscillate between fear of more change, feeling insecure and ready for stability and the glory of a new experience, the excitement of moving and building a new life!  While this is all a bit overwhelming (who knew how much stuff had been languishing in a storage unit for 3+ years?!?), I choose joy and excitement. Who doesn't want to unpack 179 boxes and make 17 trips to Goodwill?  Let the unpacking of the overstuffed garage continue before the next massive shipment of belongings arrive from Singapore on Monday. 

Happy Good Friday, peeps!


Building A New Life

This blog has been inactive for so long (sorry, peeps!) but at 1:28am, amidst a long night of sleepless thoughts, I have decided to write again. I want - and need - to write down the thoughts of my heart and perhaps these words will give another wandering world pilgrim some clarity, or at very least a kindred spirit in this crazy, change-full life. 

So we have moved again (not sure this deserves and exclamation mark but I feel I should add one to emphasize what a huge change this has been)!  On January 29th, my family of three left the tiny nation of Singapore for Houston, Texas.  My second time to live in Houston. I miss Singapore dearly right now... the food, friends, the reliable, oppressive heat, flip flops every day, the beach, swim squad, my students, our church family, hearing Mandarin and Tamil spoken everywhere, Little India on Sunday night.  The MRT at rush time, squeezing in amongst hoards of Singaporeans and foreigners, reveling in anonymity.  While I know this phase of missing my old home will pass with time, I hope I always miss Singapore in some ways.  I became a mama in Singapore.  A role I was never quite sure I would ever want or be good at. I realized, accepted - and finally heard! - God's purpose for my life. I questioned my beliefs, I stretched myself to the breaking point trying to comprehend God's presence in the world and why so many live in such horrific squalor and disease. 

Each time I move I am reminded of the quote "Bloom wherever you are planted."  I must admit, this is tough for me.  I'm nothing like the thriving flowers pictures behind the text below. The more times I move, the harder "blooming" becomes.  I actually quite hate it right now.  I am weary. I am weary of starting over, making new friends and reinventing my career, locating employment, settling into a new rhythm and finding a new piece of life somewhere new...  Yet, I am in love with change too.  I am so uncomfortable each time yet through my discomfort and adjustment, a tremendous growth occurs. So, here's to blooming in Houston...!