It's the little things!

You know how, in the United States if you choose a doctor in your "insurance network", the doctor's office will usually directly bill the insurance company for reimbursement and all you pay is a tiny little "co-pay"?  {Ok, maybe some of your co-pays are larger than others, but you get the drift.}

You do you have to scan every receipt and submit an online claim including diagnosis and symptoms.
You do not normally have to cover all your medical expenses up front via savings or a credit card.
You do not have to meticulously keep track of every medical bill, the percentages the insurance company will pay and check back every 10 days or so to see if the claim has been paid correctly.

I should not complain really.  Our expatriate medical insurance here is absolutely fab, if I keep up my end of the billing responsibilities.  But oh, how I miss that little thing I always took for granted in the United States - direct billing.

So next time you head to the doctor or dentist, if you're one of the many Americans {or any other nationality} that benefits from direct billing, don't forget to say a little prayer of thanks.  I sure do now every time I happen upon a doctor's office that handles the billing for me.

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