Four Years {Mr & Mrs}

It's hardly believable that four years have passed!  Marrying Cody is the single best life decision I have ever made.  God has incredibly blessed my life through him in uncountable ways - ways that often I overlook daily.  

I love you for {even though I often never say it}...
...daily going to work without complaint to support our tiny family.
...loving my family as your own.
...picking up my dirty breakfast bowls without mentioning how much it irritates you.
...holding my hand every day.
...your encouragement and strength when I'm worried and defeated.
...the little surprises like the "SMILE" card on bad days and moscato at midnight.
...giving me your trust and also your forgiveness each time I break it.
...not "keeping records of wrongs".  You are amazing at this!
...learning to cook so I don't have to do it each day!
...planning *all* of our adventures together {I especially loved our honeymoon and Hawaii!}.
...always giving a listening ear to my opinion even when we're at odds.
...being my running partner.
...your sense of humor AND singing skills.  
...being my best friend, lover and confidant.  

Happy Four Years, Mr!  I am still in love with you.  


  1. sweet, lovely, married bliss :) so happy for you two!

  2. Has it been four years already? I hardly seems possible ;)