Salad-Ness & More

My three favorite food groups are chocolate, margaritas and fresh-baked breads.  And yes, I did say 'food groups' because I love them that much!  However, when my food groups caused the scale to reach those oh-so-cringing numbers past 140, it was time for some salad-ness to accompany the running.  In my search for yummy salad recipes that won't cause me to take refuge in chocolate again, I stumbled across these healthy recipes.  I have tried not only their tasty salads, I have also made a few of their healthy dinner options.  Check it out!  They're quick, simple and as of now, I've lost approximately 10 pounds.

Maybe salad-ness and healthy eating habits really will melt the pounds (I suppose the running helps as well)!  But, oh, could I go for a chocolate blizzard with heath bar chunks just about now . . .

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