Setting Big Goals

Welcome dear friends!  I have steered away from blogging for many years but I've finally capitulated.  Since there never seems to be enough time in the day to keep in touch with all my wonderful friends and family, I'm hoping this blog will help to connect us.  Please do visit often and I will do my best to post often.  

However, I have to admit.  I do have a selfish reason for starting this blog as well.  Lately I've found myself falling into the trap of working, eating and sleeping with very little purpose in life and you, my dear friends and family, are going to keep me honest.  And with honesty, comes self-reflection.  Often I have inspired moments but more often than not, those inspirations never become reality.  So in order to counteract this character flaw, I have narrowed it down to four measurable, attainable goals.  

My Big Goals (ala TFA)
1) Take the GRE  on July 22nd and earn the following scores: Verbal Reasoning 700-800, Quantitative Reasoning 700-800 and Analytical Writing 4.5 or above
2) Run a marathon by August 2012
3) Maintain healthy cooking and eating habits at least 6 days a week
4) Selflessly help another at least once a week
* Disclaimer: I give you full permission to hassle me if I do not stick with these goals!

So.  In light of sticking with something and becoming accountable, yesterday I registered for the GRE (July 22nd...yipes!).   This morning I took a diagnostic GRE exam.  My benchmark percentile ranking was 56%.  Not good and a definite reality check.  Given that I need serious scholarships in order to afford graduate school, this means I need to get even more serious about studying.  

Time for some serious prep!

I have faith that I can do much better than my diagnostic score if I create a plan and stick with it.  I know that if it is God's will that Cody and I go to graduate school in Fall 2012, then He will work it all out according to His good and perfect will.  All I have to do is be diligent and have faith.  Off to plan and study!


  1. I have a selfish reason for following, too. I need inspiration!! No pressure, of course.

  2. Good luck!! I might be able to help with the marathon running-goal... let me know if you ever need training advice!

  3. Thanks, Maya and Tammy for your comments. Tammy - I need inspiration too! Please remind me to stay on task when I stop posting.

    Maya, I will definitely be needing some advice, I'm sure. Thank you!