Lady O' Lists

I'm a "list girl" at heart.  I make lists for household tasks, work obligations, life dreams, groceries, areas of personal improvement versus weakness . . . and this is just to name a handful of my many list categories.  There's nothing more satisfying to me than making a long list and then systematically scratching off as many items as possible (often as quickly as possible!).  With each scratch-off, my confidence and motivation grows.  If I'm feeling especially unmotivated, I will even write items on my lists that are already completed!  So here is my  goal To-Do list for today:
Very helpful!

Goal To-Do's
1) Run at least 1 mile
     * Walked 1 mile, ran ~1 mile
2) Study at least 1 hour for GRE
     * Studied 1.75 hours
3) Consume 3 healthy meals
     * Breakfast: fruit smoothie w/ fresh fruit and yogurt, 2 T almonds
     * Lunch: 1 egg, 1/2 c. carrots and 1/2 apple
     * Supper: leafy green salad w/ cucumbers and dried cranberries; 1/2 boiled chicken breast
4) Drink only water
5) Selflessly help another

#5 definitely needs more focus.  While my daily job is all about helping others, is it really "selfless" if I am getting paid for it?   Thoughts?  I definitely have a long way to go to achieve my goals but I'm feeling positive and innervated.  


  1. Lookin' good! I love lists too. You should see the lists Alex's dad makes! He does them on graph paper in block letters, old school engineer style. Have you made a list of your short and long term goals? If you have already, make sure you read them every day. Probably you already do this, knowing you :)

    Regarding #5, I think that can certainly be difficult to do. Richard sometimes argues that no act is completely selfless, as you usually get something out of it- even if it's just a sense of well-being or accomplishment. I think that's a little too Machiavellian, but it can also be read another way, which is to say that just because you get paid to help people doesn't mean it's a selfish thing. You could have another job that is completely self-serving, but you've chosen this one instead.

    Since achieving #5 is difficult unless the opportunity arises, I'm going to make another suggestion. It's basically a reinterpretation of your goal. How do you define "help"? There's serving meals to the homeless and helping old ladies cross the street, but there are many other ways. For example, smile- at everyone. Smile at the grocery store, at the gas station, the pharmacy, at your neighbors. Smile at the dude idling next to you at the red light. It could totally make that person's day, and that in its own way is a form of help. Just an idea.

  2. I think I may agree with Richard. This weekend as I was clearing debris for strangers in Joplin (which should be selfless, right?), I got to reflecting and realized that I really wasn't selflessly helping them either. Here I am, having my own self-doubts and worries, and in order to make myself feel like a "better" person I charge off to Joplin to chop up some trees and haul shingles to the curb. I think I did it as much for myself as for them. Ever seen that Friends episode on a truly selfless deed? It's pretty hilarious but also very true!

    Thanks for your ideas AND your comment! Good to know you're out there reading.